Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fundraising: Cries From The Flood Waters - Kinship Circle In Thailand For Animals

Dear Friends, 

Seven hours ago today, I received a final confirmation today that I will joining a team headed for Thailand to perform Disaster Recovery for Animals. There appear to be Tens of Thousands of animals, household pets, clinging to any dry patch they can scrabble onto. When 

While the Kinship Circle is financing much of the operation, it would wonderful if we could raise enough money from my own contacts to offset related expenses that Kinship would otherwise have to pay. 

I sprung for the flight as a starter! 

Now I would like to ask you to lend a hand in whatever you are able and help this Mission succeed. 

If you would like to donate, please visit: http://kinshipcircle.org/donation/#online

To clarify the intention of the donations: 
1- Fill in the blanks on the donation page
2-Towards the bottom, there is a box titled Donation Focus
3-  Insert into Donation Focus "Bryan Grant Thailand Deployment"

That should earmark the funds to offset my own expense for the mission! 

Done and done! 

Thank you so much for your interest! 

Please do share this with your friends so more people will learn about the work that Kinship Circle does at home in the USA and abroad.


Bryan "Beau" Grant, Director/Founder, SE Pet Rescue Railroad
Social Media posting,  Flood Wading,  Dog & Kitty Saving Disaster Responder for Kinship Circle
Skype: Malacandra

Post your Pet Rescue Urgents to the SEPRR! 
“If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
—St. Francis of Assisi

There is a press release below and a PDF Press Rlease for the AP/Media is here: 
For IMMEDIATE RELEASE: USA nonprofit @kinshipcircle deploys overseas to save animals in Thailand's historic flood  http://j.mp/kinpresskit 

Read more about the mission in Thailand!
Animals Struggling As #thaifloods Deluges Bangkok  Support Needed. Situation Dire. http://bit.ly/uyx6G9 #petrescue via @kinshipcircle & @seprr

For those who want to have a feel of the scope here are some preliminary numbers that have come in tonight, although not be taken as certain statistically: 
  • 1,000 monkeys stranded in one Buddhist temple
  • Another temple filled up with an estimated 1,000 dogs, when floods first accelerated.
  • A shelter in our forming coalition of Thai and international animal relief organizations had 400 dogs dropped off in a single “delivery”...on top of dogs, cats and monkeys already housed there.

For Immediate Release
Please share our Thailand field report & photos, using the share button at top of page:http://www.kinshipcircle.org/disasters/thailand_floods/notes1.html

Below (and attached) is our press release. If you are able to distribute this in any way, please do so. Kinship Circle’s Animal Disaster Aid Fund is depleted from Japan earthquake aid, which concluded as recently as September. We need significant support to help Thailand’s poor animals. Thank you for supporting Kinship Circle, which is an all volunteer organization with no paid staff -- likeminded people who hope for a less violent world, and a better home to all who share this planet.

Thank you!



Photo: Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team, Thailand Flood 2011 / Ione Lexie Cataldo
Cries From The Water -- Kinship Circle In Thailand For AnimalsUSA nonprofit Kinship Circle deploys overseas to save animals in Thailand's historical flood.  

Bangkok, Thailand -- It might take Noah's Ark to save them all. Dogs bark from rooftops. Animals are submerged chest deep. The skin rots, if underwater too long. Others paddle toward any surface taller than the water. Clinging to a tiny refuge, their howls and cries punctuate the night.

Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) works with Thai NGO Save Elephant Foundation and various local groups and volunteers to run an emergency shelter in southern Bangkok. Teams from the U.S. and Canada are in Thailand for several months to also help with field rescue, food-water drops and animal transport.

Thailand floods accelerated shortly after Kinship Circle, a nonprofit that specializes in animal advocacy and disaster rescue, returned from Japan -- where animal relief lingered months beyond a mass earthquake and tsunami, due to deserted towns near Fukushima's damaged nuclear plant.

When the group's executive director, Brenda Shoss, learned about Thailand's worst flood in 75 years, she decided to activate. "We viewed satellite maps with a water mass that stretched from Ayutaya down across Bangkok, a city of millions. As one district pumps out flood waters, another fills. Some say the sewage-filled water won't recede for months. We saw 10 or 15 dogs perched on the same roof, marooned on porches, floating in cages... Monkeys, dogs, or other creatures crowded into Buddhist temples. They all want to live. The generous Thai people, including monks, feed them as best they can. But more help is needed for animal flood victims."

Kinship Circle seeks public support for critically needed supplies and to send disaster-trained volunteers to assist with emergency sheltering and field rescue.

DONATE TO THAILAND ANIMAL FLOOD RELIEF: www.kinshipcircle.org/donation

919 Bang Pu Industrial Estate
Soi 11B
Praek-sa rd. Muang District
Samut Prakan

DONATIONS ARE VITAL TO:Send disaster-trained volunteers for emergency
sheltering and field rescue.

Acquire key supplies such as:
    -   Fencing Materials
    -   Truck, 1-ton dually 6.6 litre 4-wheel drive
    -   Ball Hitch, to pull trailer and boat
    -   Catchpoles: 4 & 5 ft
    -   Slip Leads
    -   Human First Aid/Medic Kit (for boat rescue)
    -   Sturdy Work and/or Bite Gloves
    -   Muzzles, various sizes
    -   ID Collars, snap-on with write-on surface
    -   Veterinary Medicines
    -   etc...
*   Contact Bonnie Morrison, Disaster Management Director: dancnfeet1@hotmail.com

THAILAND RESIDENT VOLUNTEERS ONLY*   Volunteer Information Line: 087-186-3804
*   Paisaran ("Patty") Pholsomsuk: mawin_4@hotmail.com
*   Tim Gorski: timgorski@hotmail.com 


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:Brenda Shoss, Executive Director, Kinship Circle
314-795-2646 / info@kinshipcircle.org

Patricia Jones
718-651-7187 / pellen325@yahoo.com

Field Notes & Photos About Animal Disaster Rescue In Thailand:http://www.kinshipcircle.org/disasters/thailand_floods/notes1.html

KINSHIP CIRCLE KINSHIP CIRCLE is a nonprofit that promotes animal protection and freedom by rallying voices worldwide to seek legislative, industry and societal reforms for animals. Our primary focus is investigative research and action campaigns to end cruel practices or enforce/enact animal laws. Kinship Circle advocates education as a pathway to change. We produce literature on over 50 topics for use in humane education settings, student projects, presentations, letters, articles, press kits...
KINSHIP CIRCLE DISASTER ANIMAL RESPONSE TEAM is is a specialized faction within Kinship Circle that activates for animal emergency aid. Our response teams reflect a wide range of training and certification in areas such as search and rescue, field first aid, veterinary care, crisis sheltering, fire and water rescue, large animal rescue, technical rescue, wildlife rehab...and more expert skills. Some disasters we've deployed teams to include: Thailand floods; Hurricane Irene; Japan earthquake-tsunami-radiation crisis; Brazil floods-mudslides; Chile earthquake-tsunami; Gulf oil disaster; Haiti earthquake; Iowa floods; Hurricanes Gustav and Ike; Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.