Thursday, October 05, 2006

Georgia Woman plays Voldemort and tries to kill Harry Potter in public schools

(Please read with your tongue in your cheek. If you detect a hint of sarcasm, it is intentional.)

Georgia is putting its best face forward by promoting censorship in schools.. again. It is comforting to know we have such well-inspired citizens in our progressive and forward thinking state! Let us hope these noble people prevail in this battle for good middle ground and faith-based values in our schools. Stamping out evil by whatever means necessary is the only way to insure a safe world for our families, our country, our way of life, and for our churches.

I have always held that the reason Georgia schools are 47th in the nation is that we do not censor nearly enough of these distracting and potentially dangerous ideas and literature. By allowing this circumstance to persist, we allow far too much independent thinking in our children. How will they ever learn to fit in? And besides, independence always leads to perdition of the spirit. It is import to steer our sheep into the fold so no harm can come to their souls, and we can keep them safe and under a watchful eye.

With nefarious influences so easily accessible to our children, it is no wonder that we have scant hope of ever instilling good "values", even if we do have school prayer and the commandments prominently displayed. However, we still must tenaciously hold forth to this battle for good and righteousness.

Yes, our schools are in the bottom 5 in the nation, but it is not the Christian Right's fault! The liberals prevent us from shaping our students with good ethical values and prayer work in school. If only they would stand aside and let God do his work, we could at least achieve mere mediocrity. And in mediocrity and servitude, our children and neighbors have better access to the spiritual light.

If you notice any of your neighbors in disagreement with any of this, please appoint yourself to your necessary duty and minister to them until they come around to the proper path of faithfulness.

Harry Potter is the example representing all the negative forces of witchcraft, occult powers, and evil. Burn these books now!

.... ;-)

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